We’ll help you learn all the features Insightly has to offer or only the features that apply to your specific goals. When your training is complete, you’ll get a recorded video of the training session and resources from Insightly CRM support channels.


Schedule a quick meeting with our Insightly Expert, start the screenshare, and we’ll quickly solve the problem. If we need to involve Insightly’s engineers, we’ll communicate with them on your behalf so you can get back to what you do best while we work together to solve the problem.

Implementation Consulting

One dedicated CRM consultant with experience spanning over a range of industries, giving you a business adviser who listens to your business problems first. We enhance this offering with a strong understanding of Software and Cloud Computing knowledge, which is the backbone of our clients’ project success.

Data Conversion

Whether you’re converting data from a well-known application like Salesforce or a custom database, we’ll help you get the data out, clean the data, and import the data into Insightly according to how your Insightly setup is configured.

Custom Integration

We first look to native Insightly CRM integrations or 3rd party integration tools like Zapier to get the job done because these tools will lower your investment costs and have the integration ready faster. If the third party tools can’t meet our standards, we’ll develop the integration from scratch.

Custom Reporting

Our Insightly CRM Experts will help you define your reporting needs and consult on how your data flow needs to be organized, so we can get the data in the right place for building your Insightly dashboards, reports, scheduling regular email updates, creating email alerts and much more!

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